Online Appeal

  • $10 or Rs. 600 pays for the cost of one day’s stay in the hospital including meals; or for any of the commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs
  • $25 or Rs. 1500 can pay for 3 days of hospital stay or pay for one dose of most of the expensive chemotherapeutic drugs.
  • $50 or Rs. 3000 can pay for some essential tests like CT scans or MRI most children need.
  • $500 or Rs. 30,000 can cover the cost of major treatments like initial treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and very sick children requiring ICU care.

Stories of Children

Stories of Immanuel Stories of Immanuel Oncology Stories Immanuel's Cancer is in Remission - thanks to Camila Children Cancer Centre When Immanuel was 2 year old, his... Read more
Story of Master.Murugesan Story of Master.Murugesan The following story reminds all of us to be vigilant to avoid delay in diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer. 15 year old... Read more

News &Events

Camila Children’s Cancer Centre and Centre for Blood Disorders

Hematopoietic stem cell program(Bone Marrow Transplant)was started in June 2014.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology-oncology course will begin in July 2014.

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Cancer Survivor’s Reunion meet was held on 05.01.14. More than 80 survivor's and their families participated in this meet.

Get-together for Pediatric Oncology patients and their family was held on 18.11.2012 & 26.02.2012.

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‘DANCE MARATHON’ participated by local college students was held on Feb 22nd 2014. We raised more than 10 Lakhs for Camila Children’s Cancer Fund (CCCF).


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MUSICAL CONCERT by internationally acclaimed vocalist and carnatic singer Padmashree SUDHA RAGUNATHAN programme was held on Feb 23rd 2013 . We raised more than 20 Lakhs for Camila Children’s Cancer Fund (CCCF)

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